About us


PanSnack is a company that originated from the belief that the Polish market of sweet and salty snacks may be changed. Grzegorz Heinze and Paweł Krupa have decided to team up to create cooperatively a unique brand that will become a synonym of a high quality and professionalism of service in the snacks industry.

Thus, in 2016 PanSnack was created.

Our goal is to provide the highest standard of service to the shops cooperating with us. We rely on the professionalism of traders and each of our representatives is a person with a sense of mission. Thanks to the computer system support we offer a smooth and timely order execution, a fast delivery and an excellent communication with our customers.

The cooperation with PanSnack means not only a guarantee of ‘a little something’ delivery that will seduce the taste buds of a customer but, above all, it is the realization of customer expectations. It is worth joining the circle of our partners!


Vanselling as a key element of distribution


Our very own distribution directly to the shops

30 indeksów

Portfolio of 30 references within the brand of PanSnack and Chyży

Vision statement

PanSnack are the experts in snacks, both those salty and sweet ones. This is a unique service in trade inspired by the search for a new quality. A snack is something we reach for between meals while travelling, at the social and business meetings, at school and in our spare time. Our products are supposed to offer treat and meet the highest expectations.

We have our own powerful distribution system  which ensures independence and constitutes the main asset for cooperation with suppliers. It is perceived by retail recipients as a highly professional one.

We offer two types of products:

CHYŻY – products that guarantee satisfaction of the sophisticated consumers’ tastes and they are the ones which follow the trends –  the trend of a healthier lifestyle in particular;

PAN –  typical snacks that will be chosen by everyone who appreciates such a form of a quick bite during a day.

Our vision is the perception of the company as an innovative one due to the constant search for changes and diversity. That ‘little something’ we reach for between meals when we travel, during social and business meetings, at school and in our spare time, may also be exceptional. We act professionally, not only in the sphere of snacks!

Mission statement

Consumers, traders and suppliers are our customers. We focus on them and our projects are fully based on their expectations. We constantly trace our customers’ requirements. Our products and service satisfy the needs  of customers who wish to receive something more than snacks and who follow the trends. We want to guarantee our partners our professionalism in service and in knowledge concerning snacks as well as in their sale. We wish to deliver to the market the products which certain groups of customers are looking for. We are looking forward to doing business with everyone who supports our mission and vision. PanSnack creates a new dimension of snacks!